The face of racing is changing...and with it, so must we.

Sim racing has exploded in popularity in recent times, as drivers and race fans alike are signing up to race online. MRX had to be a part of this!

MRX have designed our very own Simulator Chassis. Using high grade laser cut and CNC folded aluminum frame that fastens together from a supplied flat pack.

This High quality Simulator chassis has been designed for maximum rigidity while being light weight, using our knowledge of race car design and fabrication.

Kiwi Designed, Kiwi Produced.





Whats in the box;

  • Base chassis frame with pod.

  • Single monitor bracket.

  • Multi-fit pedal bracket.

  • Steering wheel bracket. 

  • 6x Adjuster feet.

  • All fastening hardware for chassis and brackets.

  • Harness mounting holes in SimChassis


      $999.00 incl GST

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SimChassis assembly video - 

Our current design features the steering bracket set up for the Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T300 wheel and pedal package.  The standard wheel mounting bracket will also house the Fanatec Clubsport and CSL Elite units.

 Multiple different customized options are available to suit different pedal, wheel, PC and console set ups.


SimChassis Accessories

  • Triple monitor mounting system.

      Can mount up to 32" Curved Monitors

       (Non wide screen)


  • Keyboard/ Mouse tray & arm

      Left and right side mounting options


  • PC Shelf Kit

        To suit PC box of up to 480mm long

        and 218mm wide



  • Direct Drive wheel mount


  • SIMUCUBE 2 Sport and Pro 

      Mounting Adaptor

         Pictured with DD wheel mount, sold separately.


  • Overhead Monitor Mount

      Mounts over existing single and triple

        monitor mounting bracket. Adjustable height 

        and angle.  Suits most monitors


  • 2.0mm Adjusting shims

      $2.00 each

  • Logitech/Thrustmaster shifter bracket


  • Fanatec Clubsport shifter bracket


  • Simworx shifter bracket


  • Bottle Holder


  • Headset Hook


  • Adjusting seat plate with sliders


  • Blank 3D printed button boxes, 

      with alloy mount


  • Driver cooling system.

      2x 120mm 115cfm fans, 3d printed ducts ​

        and 3" ducting, 15v power supply


  • Powdercoating Option













NZ designed and manufactured.

MRX Sim 7-5-2020 Base Chassis 4K.png
MRX Sim 18-5-2020 DD Steering
MRX Sim 18-5-2020 Fanatec Clubsport Shif
MRX Sim 18-5-2020 Simworx Supercar Shift
MRX Sim 18-5-2020 Bottle Holder.png
MRX Sim 18-5-2020 DD Steering Shims.png
MRX Sim 22-5-2020 Logitech & Thrustmaste
MRX Sim 26-5-2020 3 Screen Mount.png
MRX Sim 1-6-2020 Keyboard Tray 4K.png
MRX Sim 5-6-2020 PC Shelf 4K.png
MRX Sim 26-5-2020 3 Screen.png
MRX Sim 30-4-2020 Rear 3D 4K (1).png
MRX Sim 15-5-2020 DD Steering Bracket 4K
MRX Sim 1-6-2020 Keyboard Tray on 3 scre
MRX Sim 30-4-2020 Front 3D Black BG 4K.J
MRX Sim 30-4-2020 Side View Black BG 4K.