Customer Testimonials

Easy to assemble. The design has been well thought out and with the correct seat is such a comfortable chassis to be in for long periods. No flex with high-end pedals and Direct wheel. Triple mounts are easily adaptable but still strong.

Awesome product.

John B.

The MRX Sim Rig is by far the easiest assembled, most cost efficient and sturdy Rig I have ever used.  Being sent the basic Rig from Nick I knew it wouldn't take long before I wanted to make it more bling!. The geometry of these Rigs is very adaptable to all heights an sizes. Currently I am running three 27" curved monitors which are all tied in nicely with the MRX triple monitor mount. this like the rest of the build bolts together with ease.

Hard under brakes or wrenching that wheel into a hairpin the chassis is very strong and doesn't move at all.

Being new to the sport or having thousands of hours under your belt I would 100% recommend getting you hands on one of these kiwi built Rigs. Looking forward to what MRX designs next !!!


Build list MRX Chassis, MRX Triple monitor mount, MRX Pc stand, MRX seat base and slider

Michael W.

From the time I contacted MRX the service was awesome. I picked up my sim one Saturday morning. I was worried about how I'd get it all in the car, but there was nothing to worry about. It was all flat packed and once in the car I was off to assemble it all.
Much to the other half's dismay I unpacked every thing in the lounge and jumped on YouTube to watch the video for the build.
Everything was there. It went together with ease. It was solid. I got the seat I had already fitted and started to adjust where things sat. Everything had a huge amount of adjustment so it was simple to sort. I started by fitting just a single 34 inch ultra wide screen and I was away.

First impressions were wow this is amazing. It feels great. It comfortable enough to spend hours in at a time and looks the part. A few weeks later I purchase the MRX Triple monitor mounting kit.  Once again the service was amazing. I now have my sim set up in its own room and love it. Rest assured I'll be back for a shifter mount and probably plenty more. So if your looking for a sim chassis don't look any further. This thing is the best.
Thanks team MRX.

David Y.

I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate MRX for not only taking the initiative during the Covid Pandemic, but more importantly in providing a superb driving SimChassis.

Having had a homemade sim for a number of years, primarily used for PlayStation, I would continually get frustrated because of its next to no adjustability, and lack of rigidity.

Because of this, well that’s my excuse anyway, I would struggle to keep up with the Jone's one might say, and therefore, I was in the market for a replacement, especially with the increase in popularity in sim-racing during the lock down period. Having a number of mates using different brands I thought it best to do my own research on what was available and a step up on my old dinosaur, so, you can imagine my delight when I heard about the MRX SimChassis!

My decision to purchase an MRX SimCassis was made on a number of reasons which included price (cheaper than a 8020 rig), aesthetics (looks better than a 8020 rig and I don’t have the budget or space for a monocoque sim), the available functional accessories (such as keyboard and triple screen mounts) and of course the adjustability and rigidity. So, I’m very happy to say, job well done MRX, you’ve designed and manufactured a superb product.

PS. My lap times have continued to drop, possibly due to increased adjustability and rigidity or perhaps the increase in hours I can now cope with in a very comfortable rig, win, win either way!

Shane M.